Transfer 8mm film, video, audio and photos to DVD


The above pair of images compare differing methods of converting 8mm film to DVD.

They’re from a two-minute piece of Standard 8mm film taken at a 1958 wedding. The film had been lost for many years, but turned up just before the couple’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2008.

What is Frame-by-Frame Scanning

of 8mm Movie (Cine) Film?

On the left is the scan carried out by a company using a ‘traditional’ method, i.e., projecting the film on to a surface of some sort while the film is running. This method delivers a result that is OK, but is spoilt by flickering, uneven lighting, uneven focus, image distortion and the loss of detail around the edges.

On the right is a frame-by-frame scan of the same film carried out later by Weaving Memories using a high specification camera to scan each and every frame, one-by-one.  The result is a smooth, flicker-free movie that’s also brighter, sharper and more evenly lit than the exact same frame on the left.